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PERT Estimate 1.0
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PERT Estimate 1.0

Publisher:By Carsten Thiele
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Publisher's Description:

PERT Estimate - You have to estimate the duration of tasks? Your Job forces you to quickly estimate Todos or small Projects? You have ideas and want to know what effort is needed to realize them? Your Projects turn out to be more complex than you thought? Your task take more time than you estimated? Then PERT Estimate is the right App for you! Use it to get a quick estimation of your tasks and small Projects. Think about the tasks before you start doing them. Get better estimations and a better understanding what really is needed to achieve your goals. *About PERT* PERT is a method to improve the estimation of Tasks and Projects. The basic principle of PERT is the estimation of three values for every task. A optimistic, realistic and a pessimistic estimation. The realistic estimation should be the normal estimated duration of a task. The pessimistic value is a worst case estimate and should have a probability of 1-5%. The optimistic value is a best case estimate that nearly never will be sufficient to finish the task and should have a probability of 1-5% - like the optimistic estimate. These values are used to calculate a more realistic estimation for your tasks and projects. But remember: Estimations are still just estimations! The PERT Method is just a tool to think more about your estimations. It can help you to get more realistic values. 'About PERT Estimate* PERT Estimate can be used to easily estimate single tasks or projects. The Quick-Tab calculates the estimation of a single task. The Project-Tab can be used for more complex Tasks or small Projects. PERT Estimate don't force you to a specific granularity. It's up to you: Estimate in minutes, hours, days, weeks or "virtual units" like story-points or pomodoros. Because estimations are never exact, PERT Estimate will round the results. The results of the estimation can not be more accurate than the values you type into the App. *Features* * Quick estimation of single Tasks * Estimation of small Projects * Easy to use Tasks in Projects (Add, Edit, Delete, Reordering) * Simple to use User-interface * Not overloaded with complex features * No algorithms that try to get better estimations than the input values Improve your estimations! Start using PERT Estimate today! Use it to think about your estimations before you communicate them. Use it to decide if a project is worth doing before you start.

List of Changes:

Version 1.0 from 2012-01-28


Download Now
File Size: 307.2 Kb

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File Size: 307.2 Kb